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Azure AAD Single-Sign Token Issues with VMware vCloud Director


If you’re using Azure AAD as your federation SSO identity source, you might end up with the following error in your vcloud-container-debug.log pointing to an old token; Caused by: org.springframework.security.authentication.CredentialsExpiredException:.. read more

Migrating Hyper-V Virtual machines between clusters and forests


Word of Warning: Hyper-V and it’s components suck, this guide is sketchy at best as i’m writing it out of memory, and there’s probably something form the hours of debugging… read more

Migrating XEN (XCP-NG) Virtual machine to VMware ESXi


There are quite a few guides out there, and by going thourgh probably hunders of sites and posts, here’s my take on migrating VMs from Citrix XEN XCP-NG to VMware.. read more