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Cloudflare and Dynamic DNS with ddclient and docker

By Antti Hurme 27/11/2022 No Comments 3 Min Read

I’ve been using Namecheap for my domains for a long time. At home, I have a fairly good connection from a reliable Internet Service Provider. Still, my public IPv4 address will change from time to time, especially if I have a longer downtime with the server that contains my Palo Alto VM-edition firewall. The Namecheap client works pretty well, but I wanted to test out Cloudflare, and this was a…

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Homelab Disclaimer

By Antti Hurme 27/11/2022 0 Min Read

I’ve added a new Homelab section to this page, with the goal to document my exploration to create something useful at home with the knowledge I’ve gathered at work. None of the homelab stuff are intended to be used in a production environment as is, and anything written is at your own risk. Refer to any documentation before implementing anything here at home or at work. That said, hope you…

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Azure AAD Single-Sign Token Issues with VMware vCloud Director

By Antti Hurme 09/09/2019 No Comments 2 Min Read

If you’re using Azure AAD as your federation SSO identity source, you might end up with the following error in your vcloud-container-debug.log pointing to an old token; Caused by: Authentication statement is too old to be used with value 2019-08-12T08:12:11.298Z and Authentication request failed: Error validating SAML message By default, Azure tokens have a fairly long lifetime, and VMware vCloud Director only accepts tokens with a maximum age…

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Migrating Hyper-V Virtual machines between clusters and forests

By Antti Hurme 25/08/2019 No Comments 6 Min Read

Word of Warning: Hyper-V and it’s components suck, this guide is sketchy at best as i’m writing it out of memory, and there’s probably something form the hours of debugging. If the guide is missing something crucial, please leave a comment so I can correct it. Verify and validate everything before running it in your production environment. By jumping through all these hoops, I was able to live migrate VM’s…

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