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Azure AAD Single-Sign Token Issues with VMware vCloud Director

By Antti Hurme 09/09/2019 No Comments 2 Min Read

If you’re using Azure AAD as your federation SSO identity source, you might end up with the following error in your vcloud-container-debug.log pointing to an old token; Caused by: Authentication statement is too old to be used with value 2019-08-12T08:12:11.298Z and Authentication request failed: Error validating SAML message By default, Azure tokens have a fairly long lifetime, and VMware vCloud Director only accepts tokens with a maximum age…

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vCloud Director 5.5.x – Media Upload SSL Thumbprint mismatch with SSL offloading

By Antti Hurme 12/03/2014 No Comments 3 Min Read

VMware quietly changed one thing with the new upload mechanism of vCLoud Director 5.5.x and thus generates and error when trying to upload a media file (ISO Image) or a VM OVA/OVF file. vCD 5.5 checks if the thumbprints and thus generates an error if using SSL offloading on a firewall while leaving self-signed certificates on the vCD server itself. This has been possible to do with earlier versions of…

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How to set up vFabric Hyperic LDAP Authentication

By Antti Hurme 08/12/2013 1 Comment 3 Min Read

Setting up LDAP authentication in vFabric Hyperic might be tricky for someone who’s not too familiar with LDAP before as the default values in the vFabric Hyperic settings aren’t exactly useful and the manual doesn’t provide any information on how to get what you need. So here’s a quick tutorial on how to set up LDAP authentication on vFabric Hyperic. The guide works at least with versions 4.6 and 5.7.x…

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vCloud Director 5.1.1 and SAML/SSO authentication

By Antti Hurme 16/10/2013 No Comments 1 Min Read

The other day I was working on a brand new testbest for a vCloud 5.1.1 environment when I found out a really nice problem with vCD and SSO. In vCD administration, in the federation options you have the possibility to join vCloud Director to SSO. If you do this, on any of your vCloud Director nodes you won’t be able to authenticate to your cloud neither with local nor LDAP…

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