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How to set up vFabric Hyperic LDAP Authentication

By Antti Hurme 08/12/2013 1 Comment 3 Min Read

Setting up LDAP authentication in vFabric Hyperic might be tricky for someone who’s not too familiar with LDAP before as the default values in the vFabric Hyperic settings aren’t exactly useful and the manual doesn’t provide any information on how to get what you need. So here’s a quick tutorial on how to set up LDAP authentication on vFabric Hyperic. The guide works at least with versions 4.6 and 5.7.x…

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PHP Active Directory LDAP Authentication

By Antti Hurme 03/05/2012 2 Comments 7 Min Read

While searching online there is a lot of information regarding Microsoft Active Directory (AD) connecting and binding. Binding with Active Directory is one of the key components required when creating applications for Enterprise porpoises, and is a little bit harder to do properly than what online guides give away. In this article I’m going to go trough some of the concepts we had to work with regarding AD integration and…

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