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vCloud Director 5.x – Creating an External Network with PowerCLI

By Antti Hurme 21/02/2014 1 Comment 2 Min Read

A quick note here regarding how to create an External Network with PowerCLI. This is based on the work of dcarryertoo on the  VMware Community forums here. The method is pretty similar to when creating a Organization Network with mix of creating a new Provider VDC with PowerCLI. Additional information on how to create a new ProviderVDC can be found here. And James Bowlings post on how to create organization networks can…

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Automatic Virtual Machine Consolidation

By Antti Hurme 10/09/2013 No Comments 2 Min Read

I’ve worked on the previous script that allowed you to run trough which VMs require consolidation and approve them. As some backup systems leave VMs in the need on consolidation, there is no point to run that script manually yourself. Here is a script that automatically does the consolidation and send an e-Mail with the success/fail information in a HTML table. That way you can automate the process using task…

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Get VM’s that require consolidation and approve consolidation

By Antti Hurme 16/08/2013 No Comments 2 Min Read

Wrote a small script that checks if there are any VM’s that require consolidation and asks for user action to consolidate them. You can choose between Yes and No on single VM’s or All to make the action automatic. It’s fairly simple to modify this script to make it automatic, if you so want to. It also catches any issues with consolidation so you don’t need to look at the…

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VMware PowerCLI – Get All Thick Provisioned Disks #2

By Antti Hurme 17/05/2013 4 Comments 1 Min Read

Las time I found a nice script that allowed to get all thick provisioned disks and listed them out. The script utilized the get-vm commandlet that isn’t exactly effective and is quite slow. Unforionately I managed to delete the commends while fiddling with the database from that post and thus lost the suggestion fromt he commends. Here’s my second take on the problem and is a lot faster than the…

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