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Cannot update edge gateway – The following IP addresses are already in use

By Antti Hurme 06/11/2013 No Comments 2 Min Read

vSheild firewalls in VMware vCloud Director can sometimes give errors with allocated IP addresses and claim that they are already in use, even though they are not. vCloud Director does have an option for IP Address release timeout, but in my experience this doesn’t work every time. To change the default IP address release timeout, go to the Administration tab and select general from System Settings. You can find network…

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vCloud Director 5.1.1 and SAML/SSO authentication

By Antti Hurme 16/10/2013 No Comments 1 Min Read

The other day I was working on a brand new testbest for a vCloud 5.1.1 environment when I found out a really nice problem with vCD and SSO. In vCD administration, in the federation options you have the possibility to join vCloud Director to SSO. If you do this, on any of your vCloud Director nodes you won’t be able to authenticate to your cloud neither with local nor LDAP…

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vCloud 5.1.x Guest OS Customization local administrator password length

By Antti Hurme 27/06/2013 No Comments 0 Min Read

The Guest OS Customization Administrator password is by default 8 characters long, which can’t be modified from anywhere within the vCloud Admin UI. You can still change the password length that is generated by modifying one line in the vCloud database. You can find this value in the config table named “AdminPasswordLength”. update vcloud.dbo.config set value = ’12’ where cat = ‘settings’ and name = ‘AdminPasswordLength’; Note that the Password…

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VMware vCloud 5.1 HTTP ERROR 500

By Antti Hurme 13/05/2013 No Comments 1 Min Read

VMware vCloud has an interesting issue that will cause the whole vCloud Director (vCD) portal to crash and burn. The error itself will manifest itself as HTTP ERROR 500 which will show up to users randomly. There’s an VMware KB arcticle (2040451) that has some similarities to this one. In our case we didn’t have an oracle database so this was easily dismissed as the root cause for our¬†environment.  …

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