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Changing ORG vDC Network owner

Encountered this error today, while trying to get rid of an old vDC that wasn’t in use anymore. That vDC had a organization network, which was shared and used in another vDC within the same organization. Looking at the organization view in networking, you can see a column named “owner”, and there the vDC that was used when creating that organization network. This option can’t be changed with the GUI,…

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vCloud Director and vSphere 6.0

By Antti Hurme 17/03/2015 No Comments 2 Min Read

VMware released a bunch of new products this week in conjunction with vSphere 6.0. But for us service providers, one key component is missing. Namely vCloud Director is still at version 5.6.4, which doesn’t support vCenter server 6.0. vCD 5.6.4 update slipped my radar for some reason, even though it’s been released last month. This version does bring the capability to upgrade from 5.5.2 which was broken when 5.6.3 was…

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VMware vCloud Director 5.5.x and 5.6.x Internaltional Key mapping broken with WebMKS Console

By Antti Hurme 02/03/2015 No Comments 1 Min Read

Noticed that with the latest update to VMware vCloud Director, 5.5.2 build 2233543 Thursday 10/23/2014 any console window opened with Google Chrome browser had really strange behavior with my Scandinavian keyboard layout. It wasn’t the regular type of keyboard layout mix up where you could just switch the way you input to match the US keyboard layout, but instead it was completely foobaared and none of the key presses really…

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vCloud Director 5.x – Creating an External Network with PowerCLI

By Antti Hurme 21/02/2014 1 Comment 2 Min Read

A quick note here regarding how to create an External Network with PowerCLI. This is based on the work of dcarryertoo on the  VMware Community forums here. The method is pretty similar to when creating a Organization Network with mix of creating a new Provider VDC with PowerCLI. Additional information on how to create a new ProviderVDC can be found here. And James Bowlings post on how to create organization networks can…

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