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vCloud Director 5.5.x – Media Upload SSL Thumbprint mismatch with SSL offloading

By Antti Hurme 12/03/2014 No Comments 3 Min Read

VMware quietly changed one thing with the new upload mechanism of vCLoud Director 5.5.x and thus generates and error when trying to upload a media file (ISO Image) or a VM OVA/OVF file. vCD 5.5 checks if the thumbprints and thus generates an error if using SSL offloading on a firewall while leaving self-signed certificates on the vCD server itself. This has been possible to do with earlier versions of…

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vCloud Director 5.5 ValidationException INVALID_VRP_CPU_MHZ

By Antti Hurme 02/02/2014 1 Comment 2 Min Read

Encountered a strange bug which is invoked in a very specific case with old vCD 1.5 allocated vdc’s on a system that has been upgraded to 5.1.x and then to 5.5. The incorrect vDC CPU allocations can be seen in 5.1.x but won’t prohibit any vDC creation but with 5.5 it will check that there are sufficient resources available and thus fail if you over provision. In the image below…

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Windows Server NTP Sync from external source

By Antti Hurme 11/12/2013 2 Comments 1 Min Read

One thing most forget is that the Windows Domain Controllers also need to be configured properly for time synchronization. It’s easy to forget as it takes quite a few months, sometimes even years for the time difference to be noticeable by humans. Software usually tends to act up once the time difference is big enough and it breaks all kinds of stuff. For example in a vCD environment where the…

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Graceful shutdown of vCloud Director

By Antti Hurme 30/11/2013 No Comments 1 Min Read

There are a few steps you need to take when you wish to shutdown a vCD node for upgrade or to reboot the VM itself. This is required so that no active jobs gets interrupted by an unexpected reboot and as such provides better user experience for your clients. Since version 1.5 of vCloud Director the cell management tools are included and thus don’t require seperate download. Log in to…

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