How to manually start vFabric Hyperic appliance

Posted on 20/12/2013 · Posted in Miscellaneous, VMware

Just a quick note on how to manually start the hyperic server services. This might be needed if the database doesn’t exit/shutdown normally and thus doesn’t start up right the next time.  And if the database isn’t running, the Hyperic UI server won’t start. Login to the server with ssh, use the hqamdin password with the root username that you specified during the vFabric Hyperic Appliance deployment, unless you have changed them of course.

First start the Postgresql database:

hyperic-db:/# su -c '/opt/vmware/vpostgres/9.1/bin/pg_ctl start -D /opt/vmware/vpostgres/9.1/data/' - hqadmin

Once the database is running, start the hyperic-server:

hyperic-server: /# su -c '/opt/hyperic/server-5.7.1-EE/bin/./hq-server.sh start' - hyperic

you can follow if the Hyperic server starts properly from /opt/hyperic/server-5.7.1-EE/logs/bootstrap.log


Note: This guide is based on vFabric Hyperic Appliance v5.7