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ESXi APD&PDL – Part 2 Recovery from unexpected lost iSCSI LUN

By Antti Hurme 27/11/2013 1 Comment 8 Min Read

This is a continuation on a post I wrote earlier regarding VMware iSCSI All Paths Down and Permanent Device Loss. If you havn’t seen part 1, i would recommend checking that out here. NOTE!: As with the previous post, I take no responsibility if you damage your own environment. Anything written here should be considered as helpful information debugging and solving your own problem. Take all possible precautions before you…

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How to verify Dell MEM driver usage and version

During a previous case with Dell support one question was on how to verify currently installed Dell MEM multipath driver version. As this information is not easily available at the iSCSI configuration, had to do some searching. The version can be found in the update manager, but if it’s not installed using VUM, then you can verify it using a ssh session to the ESXi host with the following command….

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ESXi APD&PDL – Part 1 Diagnosing lost iSCSI LUN

By Antti Hurme 27/06/2013 2 Comments 8 Min Read

This is Part1 of iSCSI All Paths Down (APD) and Permanent Device Loss (PDL) situations which can cause quite a big havoc in a VMware virtualization environment. In this first part I will focus on how to diagnose the situation, what to look for in LOG files and how to verify what has actually happened. NOTE!: This is not a definitive guide, and should only be considered as such. This…

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