How to verify Dell MEM driver usage and version

By Antti Hurme 13/07/2013 No Comments 1 Min Read

During a previous case with Dell support one question was on how to verify currently installed Dell MEM multipath driver version. As this information is not easily available at the iSCSI configuration, had to do some searching. The version can be found in the update manager, but if it’s not installed using VUM, then you can verify it using a ssh session to the ESXi host with the following command.

# esxcli software vib list | grep dell-eql

And to verify that the Dell MEM is actually in use, select the particular host that uses iSCSI to access the local SAN, select the configuration tab. From here, select Storage from which you can view the available Storage Devices. To verify that what path selection is being used, select one of the iSCSI Devices and view Manage Paths. From here you will see what is currently being used and the selection can also be changed.

VMware iSCSI Path Selection

VMware iSCSI Path Selection

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