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Azure AAD Single-Sign Token Issues with VMware vCloud Director

By Antti Hurme 09/09/2019 No Comments 2 Min Read

If you’re using Azure AAD as your federation SSO identity source, you might end up with the following error in your vcloud-container-debug.log pointing to an old token; Caused by: Authentication statement is too old to be used with value 2019-08-12T08:12:11.298Z and Authentication request failed: Error validating SAML message By default, Azure tokens have a fairly long lifetime, and VMware vCloud Director only accepts tokens with a maximum age…

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VCNI to VXLAN Post Migration Issues with Disconnecting Ethernet adapters

By Antti Hurme 20/03/2017 2 Comments 3 Min Read

As of 8.10 vCloud Director Network Isolation (VCDNI) has been marked as depricated and migration to VXLAN should be made prior to upgrading to vCenter 6.5 and vSphere 6.5. Tom Fojta has a nice blog post about the migration to VXLAN, so I do recommend taking a look into that if you are about to do it. Migration in itself wasn’t painful and everything went smoothly. We migrated our VCNI…

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Enabling TLSv1 for vCloud Director 8.20

By Antti Hurme 09/03/2017 No Comments 1 Min Read

Enabling TLS1 is needed for vCD 8.20 if you wish to use Usage Meter 3.50 (currently the latest release) and the links provided in the vCD 8.20 release notes refer to the vCD 8.20 Documentation Center. The funny thing is that all commands talk about resetting to default protocols and and disabling specific protocols. The default allowed protocols list has changed for vCD 8.20 and thus TLS1 can’t be enabled…

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vCloud Director and vSphere 6.0

By Antti Hurme 17/03/2015 No Comments 2 Min Read

VMware released a bunch of new products this week in conjunction with vSphere 6.0. But for us service providers, one key component is missing. Namely vCloud Director is still at version 5.6.4, which doesn’t support vCenter server 6.0. vCD 5.6.4 update slipped my radar for some reason, even though it’s been released last month. This version does bring the capability to upgrade from 5.5.2 which was broken when 5.6.3 was…

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