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Enabling TLSv1 for vCloud Director 8.20

By Antti Hurme 09/03/2017 No Comments 1 Min Read

Enabling TLS1 is needed for vCD 8.20 if you wish to use Usage Meter 3.50 (currently the latest release) and the links provided in the vCD 8.20 release notes refer to the vCD 8.20 Documentation Center. The funny thing is that all commands talk about resetting to default protocols and and disabling specific protocols. The default allowed protocols list has changed for vCD 8.20 and thus TLS1 can’t be enabled…

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Power on VM failed; No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

By Antti Hurme 02/09/2016 1 Comment 0 Min Read

If you try to power on a virtual machine in vCenter Server 6.x and receive the following error “Error Received : A general System error occurred. No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.” then the most likely cause is that the “VMware vCenter workflow manager service” has not yet started. The service will by default start automatically and may be started manually if required.

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Changing ORG vDC Network owner

Encountered this error today, while trying to get rid of an old vDC that wasn’t in use anymore. That vDC had a organization network, which was shared and used in another vDC within the same organization. Looking at the organization view in networking, you can see a column named “owner”, and there the vDC that was used when creating that organization network. This option can’t be changed with the GUI,…

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VMUG Advantage Eval Experience: vSphere 6

By Antti Hurme 06/04/2015 No Comments 0 Min Read

I’m really excited about the VMUG Eval Experience, and I’m quite sure so are a lot of you! I’ve just got word from the advantage team that VMUG Advantage subscribers should get their hands on vSphere 6 keys within two weeks time, hopefully that will end up being true! Edit 3.6.2015: vSphere 6 is now available for VMUG Advantage subscribers!

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