RHEL & CentOS 7.x VMware Tools

By Antti Hurme 11/10/2014 3 Comments 1 Min Read

Installing VMware tools on the new Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS is a tad different than on 5.x and 6.x distributions. The main difference is that it’s now recommended to install Open-VM-Tools on both operating systems rather than anything else. You can read more about open-vm-tools on the VMware KB article here.

Do note that no additional repository is no longer needed!

yum -y install open-vm-tools

to start open-vm-tools just type the following command:

systemctl start vmtoolsd.service

As a side now, the new iteration also supports Paravirtual SCSI driver and VMXNet3 out of the box without installing open-vm-tools and thus is really recommended to use them for performance gain.

To enable open-vm-tools at startup, use the following command:

systemctl enable vmtoolsd.service
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  1. Marc says:

    Why in the world is this basic info not included in any official documents?! I’ve been tearing my hair (what little I have left) out trying to figure out how to actually use the open-vm-tools package! Thank you for the info!

  2. Eric Anderson says:

    Unfortunately this doesn’t work on Ubuntu 16.04, which uses systemctl but open-vm-tools fails to use the correct process. :(

  3. Sam says:

    Marc, I was wondering the same thing! They all just say “install open-vm-tools” but don’t tell you how to start the service or anything. Thanks for this article, works flawless on CentOS 7.4.

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