Upgrading to VMware Usage Meter

Posted on 05/03/2014 · Posted in VMware

Had to upgrade Usage Meter from 3.0 to 3.2 today and found this post regarding the procedure. You can read the original one here, and this is a copy of it in case the internetz decide to lose the first one.

Edit 9.4.2015: The Upgrade procedure is the same for newer versions as well. Check your manual that upgrading (importing) is supported from the current version. For example you can upgrade Usage Meter 3.3.0 to 3.3.1 or 3.3.2 the same way.


UM3.2 supports import data from following versions only;
  • vCloud Usage Meter 2.3.2
  • vCloud Usage Meter 3.0.0
  • vCloud Usage Meter 3.0.2
  • vCloud Usage Meter 3.1.0

Detailed Steps:

  1.  Download the new Usage Meter Appliance from here:
  2.  Deploy and power on new appliance
  3.  Assign IP address
  4.  Go to Old Appliance and enable SSH
    service sshd start
  5.  Go to new appliance and run command
     importum <IPADDRESS> <OldVersion>
     vCloud Usage Meter 2.3.2 --> 232
     vCloud Usage Meter 3.0.0 --> 300
     vCloud Usage Meter 3.0.2 --> 302
     vCloud Usage Meter 3.1.0 --> 310
     vCloud Usage Meter 3.3.0 --> 330
     vCloud Usage Meter 3.3.1 --> 331
     vCloud Usage Meter 3.3.2 --> 332
     importum xx.xx.xx.xx 232
  6.  After successful completion, go to the UM 3.2 console and verify if you have all the data
  7. Power off and delete the old Appliance


All thanks to Karthic kumar for the original post.